Tracking unit

Our latest tracking unit features:

  • Long battery life. More than a week with normal usage, up to 2 months when updating once a day.
  • Driver behaviour. Quickly see if someone is abusing your vehicle or wasting fuel.
  • Driver identification. Use any cellphone with bluetooth to identify the driver. Alternatively use an iButton or wireless key fobs.
  • Pinpoint GPS accuracy.
  • Simple installation. Only 2 wires to connect.
  • Internal GPS and GSM antennas. Small and simple to hide.
  • Expandable IO's. Connect external sensors, immobilise vehicle, etc.
  • Two SIMcards for redundancy.
  • TPMS: Tyre pressure monitoring system monitors up to 12 wheels

Cloud Tracking platform

Control and monitor everything from our cloud platform.

  • View all vehicles simultaneously with live updates.
  • Responsive layout makes it easy to use from your tablet or phone.
  • Extensive reporting functions.
  • Quickly set up SMS or email alerts.
  • Live Trip Replay
  • SMS / email alerts: Geofencing, Time curfew, battery low/missing,speeding, and more.

Hidden Dashboard Camera

Official distributor of ChaosCam Dashboard cameras. The latest in dash cam technology!

  • First-hand evidence of car accidents
  • Monitor driver behaviour.
  • Split unit Separate lens and display makes it easy to hide
  • HD image quality (1080p)
  • Wide camera angle (170 degrees)
  • Motion detection saves accidents permanently.
  • Loop recording. Automatically overwrites oldest footage